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Hi there,

I’m just going to post the cars and projects that I have going on right now on the off chance someone was bored enough to click on my profile and take a gander. Currently I own four cars, of which three are fully operational. The fourth was operational when she went under for what ended up being a total overhaul and build. The cars are sorted by the amount of road time they see.

1. 2001 Toyota Echo: Daily driver


I have a commute of about 100+ miles round trip, the car was purchased for $2500 from the original owner and has paid for itself 1,000,000 times over. It has a K&N filter panel, and sees regular maintenance. Meep meep.

2. 2014 Focus ST (ST3): In town driveabout

This car was purchased because I heard good things, I received an employee discount, there were tons of rebates, and there was 0% financing available for 72 months. Why not? Originally I was going to perform a host of BPU upgrades and flash it with an accessport but I think I’ll leave it stock for now.


3. 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

This car is very much like the old 1st generation turbo awd DSM eclipse/talon/lasers but it was assembled in Japan, is a 4dr sedan with four wheel steering, and it’s somewhat rare. Originally this was a Texas/Arizona car and has absolutely ZERO rust on the chassis! Even the bolts in the engine bay still have the zinc coating :) I was going to leave this car stock-ish but things chance and she’s now a few fuel lines, cooling fans, gauge install, and a bit of wiring away from being finished.


4. 1993 Nissan 300ZX

I’ve always loved Nissans, especially Z cars, Dad says I’d always make him stop to look at the old 280ZX’s as a kid but my favorite of them all is the Z32 300ZX. After looking for an eternity to find a mint TwinTurbo car I gave up and ended up paying WAY too much for a super, super minty fresh ultra red NA. My good friend is a service manager at a local Nissan dealership so I get all Nissan (and Ford) parts at cost, thus the plan for this car is a new OEM TT longblock when I finish up with the above Galant project! Can’t wait!


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