Project Unicorn II: 27MAY15 update

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am officially getting excited.

It’s been a few months since my last update, and for the most part the car sat around locked away in a race trailer behind my friends shop. Work, weather, and bad luck all conspired to keep me from working on the car but enough was enough and this Memorial Day weekend I was finally able to get in some quality wrench time. Apologies for the lack of pictures, I’ll make it up to you in my next update with some recaps :)

The “to-do” list was long, the work was daunting, and this car was not going to put itself together so it was time to just hop in. Up first was the fuel system, I had completely removed the stock fuel lines, removed the gas tank, modified the fuel sender cradle, and now was the though part I suppose. I had to figure out where to mount the fuel filter, the E85 flex fuel sensor, the fuel pressure regulator, and how I wanted to run the lines. There was/is no perfect answer, but I was able to finally get all that wrapped up and am reasonably satisfied with how it all came out. I’m also a pro at making teflon lined SS braided AN fuel lines now so if you need a hand let me know :D

Next up I mounted the drive shaft, tq’d it in place, tq’d the front and rear subrames down, tq’d the motor mounts all to spec, replaced a leaky rear passenger side caliper, did a bit of engine harness repair, fitted the downpipe, filled the trans, tcase, and rear diffs up. Realistically all I need to get the car mobile is to get a temporary maf/intake pipe combo in place, plug in a bunch of sensors, run a few vac lines, relocate a battery and she’ll be good to go. Well, at least as far as breaking the trans, clutch, tcase, and brakes goes. Once that is done I’ll switch over to the AEM and get a tune :)


Fingers crossed but I’m expecting some pretty good numbers. The setup should be good for into the 600+ range hp-wise but my super duper single clutch is going to probably be the limiting factor for now. I do have a tilton carbon/carbon setup but I don’t want to put that in there just yet.

More updates to follow!

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